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Thursday, April 27, 2006

San Diego Ballpark rebuilds neighborhood, Ballpark in Oakland could do the same...

A New York Times article describing the growth that occured around Petco Park after the stadium was built. Here's the link:
The Neighborhood That the Ballpark Built

Neighborhood before the ballpark was finished

After Ball Park finished, right near the beautiful gaslight district of Downtown San Diego.

Once again, all I am trying to prove is that a downtown ballpark creates all this development and growth. A ballpark in the middle of no-where is not going to make anything special happen. Wolff's ballpark village in Fremont will be like Disneyland, a fake/static environment that will feel forced. Oakland Downtown is the place to put a park; it has the transportation, nightlife, restuarants, is close to San Francisco, and will improve Oakland's image. Wolff, if you build a ballpark in Downtown Oakland, people will come and business will come. Don't be cheap and cut corners to build a ballpark in Fremont. In the end you make more money in Oakland and will be a hero to the city.


Anonymous pachyderm said...

Hopefully, other non-sports fans such as voters or politicans of Oakland should this article. Since, you hear about the negative spin about having a new ballpark. Plus, I put a link to this blog into another A'S fans blog, which is called "Everything A's". Great job on this blog Drummer 510, use Bleacher Dave's motto as motivation, "Wave 'em High!!!!!!"

4/27/2006 11:09 AM


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