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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Berkeley Daily article about Race in the Oakland Mayoral Election

The article is written by J. Douglas Allen-Tayor and he brings up some interesting point about Christopher Heredia's last Chronicle aritcle "Oakland Mayor Rivals each woo voters in own particular ways Oakland hills residents could be the race's decisive constituency". Heredia's mediocre analysis of how race and gender could effect the election, Douglas says "May only serve to obscure what’s going on in the Oakland mayoral race." Douglas also brings up the point that Heredia fails to mention Oakland fairly large Asian population or it's white population; "Given Oakland’s fairly even division of races and gender, the winning candidate for mayor must pull together a coalition that crosses many lines."

Douglass also contends that the Mattier and Ross article Brooks’ City Funds Helped Spur Dellums Run "seems deliberately designed to lead us in the wrong direction." Dellums's history still is a little foggy, and he has been reluctant to explain. But Douglass brings up a good point that Bay Area press are trying to find any signs of foul play in this election, and rightfully so, but also have manipulated some facts it seems.


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