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Monday, May 29, 2006

"Chose or Lose" meeting this Wednesady

Here's Robert Limon's word:
Hello Everyone,

Let's connect at the UPTOWN for a quick meeting Wednesday at 5.30. The meeting will be very purposeful and should not take over an hour (45 min. ideal).

Here's the agenda:
1. We need to decide on a date for the 1st Tailgate Rally [i think Friday June 30th would be good--it's the A's first game back since June 18th].
2. What is the in stadium demonstration--something cool that people will want to connect with and want to participate in (let's set a trend).
3. Promotion of the Rally.
4. Press relations for the rally.
5. Details and work re: rally.
6. Dates for the next 3 rallys.
7. Other issues?

Lastly, I think it is great that we have Zennie and other leaders so intimate with past attempts to create an A's ballpark solution, but we really need to get our focus on a new A's in Oakland solution. I think a strong arguement for a new ballpark is not going to be simply a good plan, but the three pronged approach of an activitated community, a good plan, and leadership.

So definitely let's learn from that past, and find a way to be complete with that past, but please let's not have the past cloud our creative vision of our future solution.

With that said, bring your creative brilliance and let's meet Wednesday.

Pass the word,

thank you,

Robert Limon

Send emails to choseorloseoakland@yahoo.com if you have questions.


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