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Monday, May 15, 2006

San Jose Voters Skeptical of New Park Plan

Although, many San Jose residents would love to see a ballpark in their downtwon, a large group of San Jose voters do not support "spending public funds to bring professional baseball to San Jose..."
"I think there are better places the money could be put,'' said poll respondent Janis Delke, a fourth-grade teacher and Willow Glen resident who said she is surrounded by sons and a husband who play and are fans of sports. ``I'm not against having it here. I just think it's an awful lot of money to soak into something when people are going hungry and people who spend years and years in college are making a pittance compared to what the athletes are making."

Check out the Mercury Poll Results also on the article page; they are very interesting. Mayor Ron Gonzales hasn't been too popular lately. I don't know much about the recent San Jose political scene, but it seems from these polls that, basic city services and improvements are what voters want rather than big civic developments to spur growth. Transportation and traffic was the number problem in San Jose the poll reported, falling into the trend of a number of other Bay Area cities and counties. Do people think the A's still have a chance to be lured to SJ? There is a lot of money down there with a growing entertainment scene, but it seems that Wolff would not only have to contend with Magowan and Selig, but also San Jose voters.


Anonymous pachyderm said...

54% of San Jose voters is a huge statement by this poll. There are going to be a lot of spin about this poll, but you can really deny the importance. Booing the Canadian national anthem and being skeptical over ballpark plan, isn't good time for San Jose.

5/16/2006 11:23 AM


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