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Friday, December 01, 2006

Whose to blame: Canada, Communism, Dan Johnson?

I'm really glad that it was the East Bay Express who were the first to publish a feature article describing what has led to the A's planned move to Fremont. Robert Gammon and Chris Thompson did a great job in bringing to light the events and especially the interactions that took place. Although I don't feel it is entirely comprehensive, nor does it offer any posititve future for Oakland, it is the best feature article about the topic yet to be published.

The easy thing to do with this article is figureing out who really is to blame. They do such a good job in showing the circumstances that made Wolff decide on Fremont as the new ballpark location. Scapegoating is a very fun game. You can create a ranking system as I did:
The Blame a Chump Selection
  1. Jerry Brown------ 1575 pts
  2. Al Davis----------- 1491
  3. Lew Wolff--------- 1445
  4. Steve Schott-------1405
  5. Bud Selig---------- 1255
Yet blaming owners and city officials is really pointless. The cause for the team moving South is rooted much deeper.

The blame rests on the C- word.... yes COMMUNISM. If it wasn't for those damn reds, nuclear (Or nucular if you prefer Bush-tongue) proliferation and East Berlin, the A's would still be in Oakland with a new downtown stadium, and Keak Da Sneak and Mistah FAB would be ownership parteners....
....oh wait
....what? not Communism, really.....
...Canada? no. Dan Johnson? damn...
...I am sorry ya'll. I got my C-words mixed up. So yeah, as I was just informed, the blame rests on our truly beloved free market system, called Capitalism.

Yeah that's right! Capitalism has taken our A's down to that city that's just "a parking lot with a mayor"! Capitalism is at fault! Can I get an amen!! (Before I get jumped on, I would like to say I am not a commie, red, socialist, or scientologist. I am just a concerned U.S.Yay citizen)

But let's be serious, Oakland has been screwed many-a-time before by big business, just like any major industrial city, this is nothing new. It's just the face and hope of the city that's leaving. Nothing big. The Town has recovered before, right? Oh wait, it's still recovering. The capitalist system is efficiently brutal. It's extremely adaptive and has made this country the super power that it is today, unfortunately, at the expense of many everyday people.

I don't want to make capitalism out as an evil demon because it does have many positive aspects to it, but it's effiency has help caused many of the problems this country faces today; mainly the declining middle class, our failing diplomacy, declining public schools, and the cause for most military conflicts.

"Thematically, it's about the very simple idea that, in this Postmodern world of ours, human beings—all of us—are worth less. We're worth less every day, despite the fact that some of us are achieving more and more. It's the triumph of capitalism," said David Simon, one of the co-writers of The Wire, in suming up his amazingly-complex HBO show. I hope some Oakland city officials can catch some episodes, they'll see many similarities with our town and Baltimore. Except for a great downtown ballpark.

Simon continues, "Whether you're a corner boy in West Baltimore, or a cop who knows his beat, or an Eastern European brought here for sex, your life is worth less. It's the triumph of capitalism over human value. This country has embraced the idea that this is a viable domestic policy. It is. It's viable for the few." (Here's the full interview)

Pretty cynical, but fairly spot-on. So the question is raised: Are we, as A's fans, pawns in the business of baseball and professional sports in general? and even further: Are we, as U.S. citizens, pawns of a the capitalist system? Do we worship the dollar more than we worship a God or our system of government or even ourselves? Mostly yes, buuuuuuuuuuut..... we can overcome.

It doesn't mean we have to start a socialist revolution and burning things(but if things get worse, it unfortunately could happen). It means just trying to stick to your morals and not compromising your ideals, community, friends, family, happiness and country for a dollar. It means making sure people who are in power and fail to uphold these truths are held accountable. It means learning from our past mistakes and not repeating them. Nobody is perfect.

As A's fans and American citizens if cannot adhere to these ideals and others I've failed to mention, we will continue to be dissapointed by big business and capitalism in general. The capitalist system can work, but it must be regulated and balanced, for it will destroy everything in it's path.

As I've said before, "The A's franchise has a long history of screwing its fans and cities, this is just another manifestation of that trend." To elaborate: The capitalist system has a had a rich history of making some people very wealthy, powerful, and maybe happy, but has screwed many of it's followers. The A's moving to Fremont "is just another manifestation of that trend."

The new Cisco Field will be a mall and may make Lew Wolff richer than he already is. Even though I know a downtown ballpark would have made him way more dough, and loved by A's fans. Yes, people will like it and the stadium should do fine. Heck, I'll probably go, but will have a knot in my stomach knowing this could have been in Oakland and could have helped continue to move the city in the right direction.

We can be cynical and blame people like Lew Wolff, Bud Selig, Steve Schott, Kenneth Lay (Enron), Lee Scott (Walmar), Dick Cheney, etc. who will continue to dominate our society and make decisions based on greed. Or we as country decide that we value morals and substance over the dollar. We will never have a perfect world were people don't get hurt, but we must all take a step back and look at our longterm goals decide who we want to be.

Thank you and good night, you've all been far to kind.
-Vent complete-

Side Note: New Links up on side bar-Prof Oakland's, and A's Booster Club


Blogger Georob said...

Drummer, had Lew Wolff built a stadium in Downtown Oakland, or anywhere else in Oakland for that matter; it would still have been be part of a mall, it still would be high tech and pricey, and it still would have been inaccessible to a good many "working class" fans.

In other words, it would still be Cisco Field, except that it would be in Oakland and all the flaws that you and your merry band of "victims" perseverate on would no longer matter.

Over half a century ago, Oakland had a baseball team that was very much loved and cherished: The Oaks. And guess what? They played in EMERYVILLE. And no one was upset about the fact that they were outside city limits.

But if it's city limits you want to talk about, consider this: If Oakland were like Houston, Phoenix, LA, or even San Jose; they very well could have annexed all the land down the 880 corridor down to Fremont and this "parking lot" that you speak of would just be another part of "DA TOWN"

In today's world, 25 miles is just not that much, but the attempts by you and others to convince us otherwise is just plain nonsense.

Like much of the Bay Area, citizens of Oakland and Berkeley pride themselves on being progressive and open minded. Yet this "Keep the A's in Oakland" campaign is looking more and more like a bunch of "sour grape" conservatives that just don't want change.

12/01/2006 10:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Georob- we are not a bunch of "sour grapes conservatives" who dislike change, rather, we are those who would like the A's to stay true to their roots, the working class, blue-collar, (upper?) East Bay team that has brought home 4 championships and has many hall-of-famers to Oakland. BTW the Oaks were also a minor league team and played on the border of Oakland and Emeryville, on San Pablo and Park, not 25 miles away in the middle of nowhere.

12/02/2006 1:48 PM

Anonymous Oakland Si said...

at least two big differences if it was build in downtown Oakland:
1) it would be infill urban development instead of wetlands sprawl (no longer considered a good thing to do)
2) there wuld be good public transportation

just those two items alone would make it better than the Fremont 880 mega-jam mall park.

12/05/2006 3:56 PM

Blogger Georob said...

Fremont IS infill development. Have you been down there lately? It hasn't been "the middle of nowhere" for about 20 years now, and pretty much everything around it is built up now. Not densely developed like downtown, but still built up.

The Cisco Field site sounds a awful lot like what the Coliseum was in the early 1960's: Vacant fields at the edge of town near wetlands.

Public transit is the only real issue you guys have against Fremont. However, with only 15% of fans taking BART to games, even THAT is not as big as you think. ACE and Capitol Corridor routes can be configured to serve Cisco just as Cal Train does to ATT park and shuttle buses can run from an eventual Warm Springs Station.

Look, I wanted the A's to stay in Oakland as much as you all. But when the ballpark village became the only way to finance it, pretty much all of Oakland's sites became unfeasible. The continuing fallout from the Raider deal pretty much killed any "political will" at City Hall; and as I've said on other blogs, most voting residents of Oakland care more about jobs and crime than baseball.

As for Lew Wolff, I know many think that he was out to "screw" Oakland from the start, and that he was going to move the team no matter what the city offered him.
Well, if you feel that strongly about it, perhaps you shouldn't support his team any more.

As I'm sure many of you will. However, you're going to be a small minority.

12/11/2006 7:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey georob-a's...your statement regarding the A's fans refusing to follow the team to Silicon Valleyat Fremont
"However, you're going to be a small minority"
is made as if you already know this to be a fact. What do you base your opinion on?

2/22/2007 11:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 1:48...even though you posted your comment lie 4 months ago, i'm going to respond to it. You mentioned you wanted the A's to stay trur to their roots and then mentioned the East Bay. Did you forget that the A's are a team that has switched cities twice already. If they were going to stay trueto their roots they would go back to Philly where they won more championships then they did in Oakland.

4/10/2007 7:11 PM

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4/11/2007 11:55 AM

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