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Monday, November 13, 2006

Great Interview Neil deMause-Field of Schemes

Elephants in Oakland interviewed Field of Schemes co-author/webmaster Niel deMause. Click here for interview.

In the interview, deMause comments on the idea that the Cisco-Fremont-A's stadium plans are more like a real-estate deal:
Right, that's the other conspiracy theory: that Wolff doesn't care about the stadium or the team, and just wants to use the stadium to get leverage to force Fremont to rezone his land so he can build condos. Stranger things have happened, certainly. There's a lot of speculation that something similar may happen in Brooklyn, with the planned Nets arena, where the residential development is the real cash cow for the developer.

DeMause actually feels there's a less than 50% chance that this stadium will be built in Fremont, that "There are a million things that can trip up even the best-laid stadium plans, and this one seems dodgier than most."

I agree that this Fremont stadium is not finalized and still could go horribly wrong, but Wolff has been able to get what he has wanted up to this point, for example tarping the third deck and buying land in Fremont. As for the idea that this is a real estate deal with a ballpark as a front, this is spot on. Wolff is getting a great opportunity to develop 143 acres of land in a middle class city close to San Jose. Real estate developers would kill for that opportunity to build condos right next to I880. Great interview.


Anonymous Oakland Sí said...

I agree that Wolff has been very successful up to now. However, it's alot easier to tarp the third deck and buy land, than to get Fremont to approve zoning changes for a wetlands zoned industrial to residential (environmental regs are much tougher), plus deal with the issue of transport and security (whose $$?) Keep in mind that Wolff didn't buy land for the ballpark or even for the condos/mall. the parcel of land has been leased to Cisco and Cisco has an option to buy -- for industrial development. wolff's company bought land around the area.

I'm with DeMause -- I think there are multiple problems with this scheme, and it will take years to get it to the ;pointwhere they can actually build the ballpark -- if indeed that is what they want to do.

11/14/2006 8:30 AM

Anonymous Transic said...

However, Neil also said that the new Yankee and Met stadia wouldn't happen and they are now under construction.

Neil sometimes lets his emotions trump his rational side.

11/15/2006 2:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lou Wolfe real estate development company (AKA Oakland A's) has sliced "foul" in Pac Commons and now Warm Springs - gosh, me thinks Lou & Co are down two strikes right now and Fremont Taxpayers are just getting cranked up over this mess.

Lou may want a new stadium, but Fremont dont want Lou !

He made a mess of his home in Oakland and now wants to trash Fremont - before moving out of town for another real estate deal somewhere else.

If you can't make money on a productive baseball team, maybe you use it to sell real estate ??? Neat idea, eh ?

Current events in Oakland and on BART platforms seem to reinforce the developing notion that Fremont wants nothign to do with any of this. Take the team elsewhere, Lou !!!!!

1/18/2009 1:52 PM


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