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Thursday, August 31, 2006

No A in San Jose says Wolff

San Jose will not be getting the A's.... at least anytime soon. As many of us predicted Selig was not willing to budge and Magowan was uninterested with the idea of the A's in San Jose. That seems to leave Oakland and Fremont as the front runners for a new ballpark. Fremont though continues to hold the upper hand, with it's Pacific Commons property. Newly elected Dellums and the Oakland City Council have yet to act this summer; Councilman Larry Reid feels "The history of the A's is the history of Oakland, but there needs to be the political will both in the city and the county." Oakland officials have continued to not address the stadium with a viable option, and continue to wait for a solution instead of creating one. Fortunately the possibility of a San Jose stadium has taken a hard hit. This is the time for Oakland officials to begin talks with Wolff, and find a location or solution suitable for Wolff's plans.


Blogger Georob said...

Bravo, Drummer! I'm 100% in agreement with with you this time.

We can certainly doubt and mistrust Lew Wolff's intentions, but the fact remains that it's still HIS TEAM(well, his team with the Fisher's money) And the case has to be made to Wolff that Oakland is the best and most realistic place to be.

And the people who can best do this are Oakland City officials, not overzealous bloggers who threaten to abandon all support even if he moves just to San Leandro.

Fremont's "Achilles Heel" is transit. And if Pacific Commons fails, that is where it will fail. but Oakland officials cannot wait for that to happen. They need to be proactive and ACT NOW.

There's not much time, though. As most A's fans(including those like myself that prefer they stay in Oakland) are perfectly willing to see the team move 25 miles away if it means keeping good players. We haven't given up on Oakland, but we won't wait much longer, either.

As for the supporters in Santa Clara County? Well, if you read Marine Layer's blog you can tell that they've already deluded themselves into thinking that Fremont now is part of San Jose and that the team will be renamed as such.

All the more reason to remove all doubt and keep the team in Oaklnd.

9/01/2006 12:09 PM

Anonymous Keith "RF Asshole" Salminen said...

The San Jose wet dream has finally died its slow and painful death. Fremont is next to get its wet dream rug pulled from under it.

btw, for info on our next fan rally (September 15th) visit http://www.myspace.com/asfanradio

9/03/2006 5:10 AM

Blogger Georob said...

Drummer, your new photo on the home page IS funny, but it also reinforces negative stereotypes about Oakland.

Is that racist? You bet. But it's also reality, even in the Bay Area.

10/01/2006 6:33 PM

Blogger drummer510 said...

I completely disagree gerob. Hyphy culture is a part of Oakland culture and history, just as the Oakland A's are a part of Oakland culture and history. Both are a part of Oakland, if you take either one away you lose Oakland's style, swagger, and inovation.

If you think hyphy culture brings a negative connotation to Oakland and the Bay Area in general, then it seems you don't understand the hyphy movement. It's an outlet for young people through music, dance, and energy. Oakland rappers aren't promoting killin each other or reppin their gangs. In fact many Oakland rappers have begun to give back to their community promoting involvement in the arts.

The picture is not racist.

10/04/2006 2:43 PM


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