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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wolff speaks to Fremont Men's Club (Sorry ladies)

Washington Township Men's Club became the talk of the town as Lew Wolff made his presentation to Fremont for a new A's ballpark. But Wolff may have started off on the wrong foot; he made his presentation to the Fremont Men's Club, not Fremont Citizens club or something. Fremont council woman Anu Natarajan "wasn't pleased. 'I don't have a problem with men having men's clubs," she said. "But when Lew Wolff speaks in Fremont for the first time, it was wrong for them to exclude 50 percent of the population.'" Although Vice Mayor Steve Cho felt that Wolff "didn't say anything that wasn't already known," this whole club thing seems a little off. Wolff wants to make friends with the big guns in Fremont, but a men's only club? Gets back to what Wolff does best; partying with fraternity brothers, who wants a keg stand?


Blogger Georob said...

Yeah, but pretty much all of the old mainline service organizations(Lions, Rotary, etc) are dominated by men anyway. I'm guessing that the reason he attended this one was so he could meet up with influential Fremont civic leaders.

He shouldn't have gone, but he did, and it's over. But if you and the OAFC want to make an issue of it you're wasting your time and looking silly in the process.

Focus your efforts on "Choose Or Lose", my friend.

5/31/2006 7:37 AM

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